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1824 Monrovia Suite B
Costa Mesa, California
United States

Home of The Original Adventure Blanket.

Tribe & True is a handmade-based marketplace that specializes in unique adventure blankets and other textiles from around the globe. 

Vintage Style Serape (Brown) //Handwoven Blanket


Handwoven by the skilled artisans of Central Mexico, our blankets are incredibly versatile and are perfect for your outdoor adventures or for adding a pop of color & life into your home space. 

Vintage Style Serape (Brown) //Handwoven Blanket


Vintage Style Serape (Brown) //Handwoven Blanket


Vintage Style Serape (Brown) // Handwoven Blanket
These blankets are vibrant, lightweight, and handwoven. Whether you are heading to the beach, taking an adventure, or using them to decorate your space, these blankets add style and color to your journey!

- Earthy 70s tones 

- Fine hand woven and intricate design

- Ideal as a blanket, table cloth, curtains, wall decoration, party decoration, fabric and just anything you must cover
- The blanket is approximately 62" x 80// 2.3 lbs.

- Hand washing or dry-cleaning is recommended
50% Acrylic
30% Poly
20% Cotton

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