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Now, with every purchase, 5 Native Americans in need are provided with breakfast, lunch, & dinner. Learn more at

We partner with several local Native silversmiths in the New Mexico region to offer a diverse collection of Navajo & Zuni jewelry.

All of our Native American pieces are purchased DIRECT from the tribes. The Artists determine their own workload and prices. We carry both new and vintage pieces and most all of our jewelry is marked or signed by the Artist. Each piece is unique.

Rare #8 Mine // Native-American Made Turquoise Ring by Bonnie Ration

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Rare #8 Mine // Native-American Made Turquoise Ring by Bonnie Ration


RARE #8 Turquoise Native American-made Ring // #8 Mine --Handcrafted Jewelry

This rare #8 Mine sterling silver ring was made by one of the greatest contemporary Native American jewelry silversmiths of our time, award winning Bennie Ration.   Bennie is known for her geometric design work and was born in March of 1955 to Francis and John Ration of the Canoncito Navajo reservation in New Mexico.

Number 8 Turquoise has character in its appearance and can easily be identified.   Few gemstones have such variety in appearance as to have individual character and personality as the Number 8 Turquoise.  With its golden brown to black distinctive spider web matrix and unique bright powder blue green background.   It has been valued for its beauty and reputed spiritual and life giving qualities.   The Number 8 Turquoise mine in Eureka County north of Carlin Nevada was discovered in 1925 and first mined in 1929.   The mine was closed as a result of the discovery of gold in 1976 when the Newton Gold Company claimed the area. In its prime, the Number 8 mine produced some of the largest nuggets of turquoise ever found.   In 1954 the largest nugget was excavated, measuring 31 inches long, 17 inches wide and 7 inches thick.   Cleaned and polished it weighed 150 pounds. Since 1976 there has been no Number 8 Turquoise mined.  The turquoise is a collector’s item — because once the reserve is gone there will be no more material released onto the market. The Gold Mining Company owns the claims to the Number 8 mine and it has been swallowed up by the gold mining operations.   This is some of the last Number 8 Turquoise to be has and will be a great addition to your collection.

Size 9

Navajo and Zuni Native American silversmiths allow us to offer quality Native American jewelry which is authentic and carries the prestige of being a part of the Indian jewelry tradition, which has been passed from generation. We purchase from the local silversmiths in the New Mexico/Arizona region, including from Navajo and Zuni craftspeople. Each piece is unique.

This handmade ring would make the PERFECT GIFT for someone special. Gift wrapping and a customized card available on request, for NO additional charge. Just send a quick note with the details!

Enjoy and thanks for looking!

Tribe & True

-Size:  9

-Ring handcrafted by Native American, Bennie Ration

- Vibrant aqua turquoise color with rust accents

-Stamped by Artist

- Gorgeous Detail

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