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1824 Monrovia Suite B
Costa Mesa, California
United States

Home of The Original Adventure Blanket.

Tribe & True is a handmade-based marketplace that specializes in unique adventure blankets and other textiles from around the globe. 




Welcome to Tribe + True! Brought to life in the Spring of 2015, we specialize in unique, handwoven textiles that are ideal for travel and at home. We are a fully-female owned and operated organization, located along the Pacific Ocean with our headquarters in Costa Mesa, California. Our partner-weavers reside in the villages of Tlaxcala, Mexico and Oaxaca, Mexico. We employ fair trade standards, where our partners determine their own workload, prices, and hours.

Utilizing a highly collaborative process, we work together with our weaving team from artistic vision to completion of each design. Our artists proudly carry out a centuries-old art form in the creation of our blankets and rugs, woven exclusively for Tribe + True.

Our Blankets

We love and appreciate our planet, that’s why our blankets are spun from 100% post-consumer recycled threads. These threads contain a blend of cotton, acrylic, and polyester and have come from clothing and other garments. Not only does this allow for a machine washable blanket, it gives new life to otherwise discarded garments.

Please note: Character imperfections are to be expected.  Loose threads or small pulls will not affect the integrity of your textile.  Our blankets are woven to last a lifetime and soften up with each wash. 

Our Mission to You

It is our mission to provide you with a collection of inspiring, artistic, sustainable textiles. Our blankets carry a sense of adventure and bring both warmth and beauty, with designs spirited by nature and fine art.

Woven Art

Carefully crafted on a large wooden pedal loom, the weaving artist dedicates hours to each & every blanket. Unique characteristics are featured and no two blankets are exactly alike.